School Library Rules

1. All students and members of the staff are members of the library.
2. Referance books and magazines cannot be taken out of the library.
3. If the book borrowed is not returned to the libraryon the due date, a fine or Rs. 1-per day will be levied.
4. Borrowers are required to examine the books at the time of borrwing and report to the librarian for any damage loss of pages,picture etc.
5. Borrowers shall not pass on to others the books borrowed.
6. Books borrowed shall be kept neatly.Nomarking,under lining,or any other damage to the book is allowed.
7. Book lost,damaged or wrongly handled over will have to be paid for or replaced.The discretion of the principal in this matter shall be final.
8. All library books should be returned at least two weeks before each examination.
9. Reading makes a full man.So student should develop the habit ofsystematic andthoughtful reading;flying from book to book will only cause them waste of time and energy.
10.No talking is permited in the library except on business with the librarian.Even this also shold bein a low voice.

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